50 Implants Pack


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50 Implants Pack for you to choose and save money:

  • 50x Implant Systems
    • Max Implants (ESI) or Logic Implants (ECI) or Mono Implants (EH)
  • 50x Abutments
    • Straight (EI-6209) or Angled 15° (EI-7015) or Angled 25° (EI-7025)
  • 50x Standard Healing Caps
    • EI-5002 or EI-5003 or EI-5004
  • 50xStandard Analogs (EIO-8080)
  • 1x Premium Advanced Surgical Kit (ESK-505B)
After you placed an order please contact us to let us know the specific implants diameters and lengths.