Max Implants

The ESI MAX spiral implant ensures easy and stable implant insertion. It is ideal for immediate implantation and loading for all bone types.

Etgar Medical Implant Systems - Max ImplantsDESIGN FEATURES

  • Tapered body
  • Tapered narrow core
  • Double thread design
  • Apical blades with straight apical border
  • Greater surface area
  • Threads reaching the coronal area
  • Wide and variable thread step
  • Ultra-high degree of precision


ø mm Length 8mm Length 10mm Length 11.5mm Length 13mm Length 16mm
3.30 ESI-3.30-L8 ESI-3.30-L10 ESI-3.30-L11.5 ESI-3.30-L13 ESI-3.30-L16
3.75 ESI-3.75-L8 ESI-3.75-L10 ESI-3.30-L11.5 ESI-3.30-L13 ESI-3.30-L16
4.20 ESI-4.20-L8 ESI-4.20-L10 ESI-4.20-L11.5 ESI-4.20-L13 ESI-4.20-L16
5.00 ESI-5.00-L8 ESI-5.00-L10 ESI-5.00-L11.5 ESI-5.00-L13 ESI-5.00-L16
6.00 ESI-6.00-L8 ESI-6.00-L10 ESI-6.00-L11.5 ESI-6.00-L13 ESI-6.00-L16