Implantáty Mono

The EH MONO one piece implant and abutment is specially tailored for narrow alveolar ridges and is ideal for maxillary lateral and mandibular incisors.

Etgar Medical Implant Systems - Mono ImplantsDESIGN FEATURES

  • Trans-gingival titanium oxide coating
  • Tapered body and tapered core
  • Single bone condensing thread design
  • Narrow rounded apex


ø mm Length 10mm Length 11.5mm Length 13mm Length 15mm
2.80 EH-2.80-L10 EH2.80-L11.5 EH2.80-L13 EH2.80-L15
3.30 EH-3.30-L10 EH3.30-L11.5 EH3.30-L13 EH3.30-L15
3.60 EH-3.60-L10 EH3.60-L11.5 EH3.60-L13 EH3.60-L15
4.20 EH-4.20-L10 EH4.20-L11.5 EH4.20-L13 EH4.20-L15